Welcome to our new Heiltsuk Economic Development Corporation (HEDC) Blog!

This Blog will serve as communication tool to, hopefully, provide useful and timely information about HEDC, our successes, challenges, updates, and other facts that may be helpful in your entrepreneurial endeavours!

We have a fresh name with a strong cultural context. W’ánémťa—pronounced Wa nem da—means to trade or exchange, reflecting
historical Heiltsuk leadership in trading of furs, seaweed, and other products which formed the important business relationships
with outsiders to sustain our community.

Evidenced by the fact that the traditional word, W’ánémťa, Hilzaqv people have been engaged in commerce for thousands of years, which still continues to this day by Hilzaqv members who barter and trade with other First Nation people, far and wide. HEDC is proud to carry on this long tradition and looks forward to serving the community for many years!

Like always, we welcome your respectful suggestions, recommendation and comments!

Walas Giaxsixa (Many thanks)

HEDC Management and Staff!